After Critical Incident Training (ACIT)

(US Probation and Pretrial training is consistent with the Chiefs Guide to a Use of Force Incident)

Training often stops at the point where an incident occurs. We do a great job of preparing you for a use of force incident, but what comes after? This course is designed for law enforcement officers and can be customized for your specific agency. We will review your after-incident policy, offer suggestions, and then conduct training that will bring your policy to life. This training is dynamic and should involve all levels of your agency, including management. We will present a use of force scenario either through video or role play and moderate the examination of each step of your policy and practices. Your agency employees will be able to actively participate in the roles they would play were an incident to occur.

Law Enforcement

With deep experience in the field and as an instructor, Concealed 360 understands the unique challenges law enforcement faces. We provide relevant, customizable, easy-to-implement solutions that cover everything from firearms instruction and support staff training to after critical incident training.

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Citizen Training

When it comes to your home or business, we know safety and security is a top priority. Our holistic approach begins with an on-site assessment, complemented by solutions and instruction designed around your specific needs.

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