Beyond Concealed Carry

Having your concealed carry license simply gives you the legal means to carry a firearm. This license does not keep you safe and, in fact, can be more dangerous than not having a gun at all. If an intruder breaks into your home and tries to take the gun away from you, do you know how to maintain control of your gun? If you wake from a deep sleep to the sound of someone attempting to enter your home, do you have a plan to access your firearm and what to do next? These are stressful situations, and rarely, without knowledge and practice, do people react in the way they envisioned. If you plan to carry your firearm outside of your home, do you know the best way to do so for optimal safety? This training is individualized and holistic for those who want comprehensive safety training. We will come to your house and assess for safety, conduct real life training that includes retrieving your gun under stress, weapon retention, tactics, and more. This is a comprehensive personal training package that concludes with scenario training to realistically explore your new skills. We can create a package specific to your needs, skill level, and budget.

  • Evaluation of needs (written report): starting at $150.00
  • Safety Assessment and Training: Prices determined after evaluation.
  • Safety Assessment, Training and scenario (multiple days): Prices determined after evaluation.

Law Enforcement

With deep experience in the field and as an instructor, Concealed 360 understands the unique challenges law enforcement faces. We provide relevant, customizable, easy-to-implement solutions that cover everything from firearms instruction and support staff training to after critical incident training.

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Citizen Training

When it comes to your home or business, we know safety and security is a top priority. Our holistic approach begins with an on-site assessment, complemented by solutions and instruction designed around your specific needs.

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